BadMatch on X_CreateCursor (cvs 010712)

Eike Lantzsch eikelan at
Thu Jul 12 18:23:43 CDT 2001


On attempt to display text in a box by clicking on a tree item
in another box (all in one window) I get
BadMatch(invalid parameter attributes) with X_CreateCursor.
The application attempts to change the mouse pointer shape, shows 
the pointer as a circle with a diagonal bar (like the european
sign for "no parking") and hangs. The app is not supposed to show
this mouse pointer shape but usually comes up with the text right
away, which it loads from CD. Under normal circumstances the mouse
pointer is unchanged while the text is loaded.

This happens on Linux kernel 2.2.14, XF86_S3 (!) and glibc-2.1.3
I cannot reproduce this behaviour on another computer with the
same motherboard, kernel and glibc but with XF86_SVGA -- duh...
First computer has 800x600 resolution and the second has 1280x1024 if
this info is of any interest.

Here is part of the log with --debugmsg=+relay,+x11drv
I hope that it contains the significant part...

080a7df8:Call USER.66: GETDC(0x0000) ret=05cf:034e ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call x11drv.GetDC(0000008c,00000bf4,00000000,00000013)
080a7df8:Ret  x11drv.GetDC() retval=00000001 ret=4094cdce
080a7df8:Ret  USER.66: GETDC() retval=0x0bf4 ret=05cf:034e ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call GDI.51: CREATECOMPATIBLEBITMAP(0x0bf4,0x0020,0x0020)
ret=05cf:035f ds=01ef
trace:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateBitmap (00000cb8) 32x32 16 bpp
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.51: CREATECOMPATIBLEBITMAP() retval=0x0cb8
ret=05cf:035f ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call GDI.106: SETBITMAPBITS(0x0cb8,0x00000800,1477:080c)
ret=05cf:03a2 ds=01ef
trace:x11drv:X11DRV_SetBitmapBits (bmp=0x4128efc0, bits=0x40ae6190,
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.106: SETBITMAPBITS() retval=0x00000800 ret=05cf:03a2
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.15: GLOBALALLOC(0x0002,0x00000828) ret=05cf:03f2
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.15: GLOBALALLOC() retval=0x146e ret=05cf:03f2
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.18: GLOBALLOCK(0x146e) ret=05cf:0402 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.18: GLOBALLOCK() retval=0x146f0000 ret=05cf:0402
080a7df8:Call GDI.441:
ret=05cf:049c ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.441: GETDIBITS() retval=0x0020 ret=05cf:049c ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call GDI.69: DELETEOBJECT(0x0cb8) ret=05cf:04a4 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.69: DELETEOBJECT() retval=0x0001 ret=05cf:04a4 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call GDI.48:
CREATEBITMAP(0x0020,0x0020,0x0001,0x0001,0000:0000) ret=05cf:04b9
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.48: CREATEBITMAP() retval=0x0cbc ret=05cf:04b9 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call GDI.440:
ret=05cf:04db ds=01ef
trace:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateBitmap (00000cbc) 32x32 1 bpp
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.440: SETDIBITS() retval=0x0020 ret=05cf:04db ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call GDI.82: GETOBJECT(0x0cbc,0x000e,01ef:6e60) ret=05cf:04ea
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.82: GETOBJECT() retval=0x000e ret=05cf:04ea ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.16: GLOBALREALLOC(0x146e,0x00000080,0x0000)
ret=05cf:0500 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.16: GLOBALREALLOC() retval=0x146e ret=05cf:0500
080a7df8:Call GDI.74: GETBITMAPBITS(0x0cbc,0x00000080,146f:0000)
ret=05cf:0511 ds=01ef
trace:x11drv:X11DRV_GetBitmapBits (bmp=0x4128efc0, buffer=0x412c3a64,
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.74: GETBITMAPBITS() retval=0x00000080 ret=05cf:0511
080a7df8:Call USER.407:
ret=05cf:0534 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  USER.407: CREATEICON() retval=0x1486 ret=05cf:0534 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call GDI.69: DELETEOBJECT(0x0cbc) ret=05cf:0545 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  GDI.69: DELETEOBJECT() retval=0x0001 ret=05cf:0545 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call USER.68: RELEASEDC(0x0000,0x0bf4) ret=05cf:0555 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  USER.68: RELEASEDC() retval=0x0001 ret=05cf:0555 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.19: GLOBALUNLOCK(0x146e) ret=05cf:0564 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.19: GLOBALUNLOCK() retval=0x0000 ret=05cf:0564
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.17: GLOBALFREE(0x146e) ret=05cf:0572 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.17: GLOBALFREE() retval=0x0000 ret=05cf:0572
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.19: GLOBALUNLOCK(0x1476) ret=05cf:057a ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.19: GLOBALUNLOCK() retval=0x0000 ret=05cf:057a
080a7df8:Call USER.69: SETCURSOR(0x1486) ret=055f:02d3 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call x11drv.SetCursor(41290c4c) ret=4094abc6
080a7df8:Ret  x11drv.SetCursor() retval=00000001 ret=4094abc6
080a7df8:Ret  USER.69: SETCURSOR() retval=0x147e ret=055f:02d3 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.5: LOCALALLOC(0x0040,0x0010) ret=0597:001f ds=133f
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.5: LOCALALLOC() retval=0x0508 ret=0597:001f ds=133f
080a7df8:Call USER.236: GETCAPTURE() ret=0547:1152 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Ret  USER.236: GETCAPTURE() retval=0x2274 ret=0547:1152 ds=01ef
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.335: ISBADWRITEPTR(0x145f0d63,0x0008) ret=0d87:5890
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.335: ISBADWRITEPTR() retval=0x0000 ret=0d87:5890
080a7df8:Call KERNEL.334: ISBADREADPTR(0x145f0d63,0x0008) ret=0d87:58a1
080a7df8:Ret  KERNEL.334: ISBADREADPTR() retval=0x0000 ret=0d87:58a1
080a7df8:Call USER.135: GETWINDOWLONG

The log is not aborted here, it just stops when the app hangs.

Regards, Ike
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