Filesystem Problems

Steve Bradley bradleysm at
Wed Jul 18 09:33:17 CDT 2001

        I have a question about filesystems.  I'm running a fairly recent version 
of WINE from CVS on RH7.1 (Kernel 2.4.6).  I have Win98 installed for on a 
partition.  I user WINE to run Quicken2001 and Word97. When I'm running 
Word, I click on the 'open file' button, a get a message:

err:dosfs:DRIVE_ReadSuperblock The filesystem is not FAT !! 
err:dosfs:DRIVE_GetLabel Invalid or unreadable superblock on /dev/hda1 (C:).

Now, it still lets me open the file and read it (which is all I need to 
do), but I'm confusted about the error.  HDA1 *is* a FAT32 filesystem.  Its 
running Win98, and I can boot into it.  Why does WINE insist that it isn't?

Steve Bradley
bradleysm at

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