Unable to install important application

Norbert Zawodsky norbert at zawodsky.at
Sat Jul 21 14:39:35 CDT 2001

Hi folks!

My bank sent me a CD with the new version of it's Homebanking software.
This new version uses internet for communication, the old one dialed
with the modem direct to the banks
computer. Because the old access will be revoked end of this year, it is
very very important
to switch to the new version.

So I put the cd into the drive, mounted /cdrom an started "wine
The ext thing happens is, that Setup comes up with a window saying
(translated from german to

"Setup cannot update systemfiles or common files if they're in use.
Close all running
applications before continuing"
Choices are "OK" or "Terminate Setup"

When I press "Terminate", Setup terminates and I have no idea, which
files setup wanted to update.
When I press "OK" something very odd happens:

On the screen appears a window only consisting of a border, a tiltebar
and 1 pushbutton, client area is
transparent, the titlebar flashing all the time. Just like if the window
was opend an closed in some
endless loop. The only way to stop this
is to press Alt-F2 (to get an Linux comman entry). When I had pressed
Alt-F2, the flashing window appears
completely. It contains: a graphical Pushbutton to start the
Installation, a text field telling Drive&Path of
the target directory, a pushbutton "Change Directory" (which works) an a
3rd button "Terminate Setup".
Continuing Setup results in an error-window saying something about an
invalid statement in SETUP.LST.
Thats all :-(

I'm completely stuck there. Can somebody help me to get on? I could turn
on some tracing, but which one
would be useful? And I have no idea how to use winedbg...

wine release: 20010629
Linux: Suse 7.2

Desperately seeking advice,

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