Amstrad 1640 Emulator Wanted for Windows

Jakob Eriksson dat95jen at
Thu Mar 1 07:36:35 CST 2001

No need to be rude, though. What's in _your_ eye?
I'd have replied privately to _you_ but your address is not valid.

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Ghislain L wrote:

> As a true AOLer, you posted in HTML (hey, nice mauve font!) without
> punctuation an offtopic message in a usenet group. Unfortunately, you forgot
> to put your post IN UPPERCASE. Don't you know AOLers ARE SUPPOSED TO WRITE
> LIKE THIS ? And don't forget you are supposed to post it at least twice,
> demand a direct email response, and yell in the newsgroup if nobody answers.
> I hope, you'll do better next time.
> Get a life, loser.
> <ArthurWllms at> wrote in message news:a8.1199c3c3.27cad1d8 at
> I have looked all over the place for an emulator for an Amstrad 1640 to a
> p.c. in windows, could anyone please help me. My brother wrote a book on his
> Amstrad and I want to print a limited number for the family as he has since
> died, having promised its very harde for me to go back on my word. Any help
> will be most greatfully received. arthur

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