halflife & wine

Alex Sanks madcow_ucsb at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 3 20:30:28 CST 2001

Actually didn't notice this line in the wine 
output:err:opengl:wglGetProcAddress Extension defined in the OpenGL 
library but NOT in opengl_ext.c... Please report (lionel.ulmer at free.fr) !e

Don't know if that's helpful at all...

Thanks again

Alex Sanks wrote:

> Well I've read all the docs/howtos for this and it's still not working 
> for me.  Everytime I try to do a 'wine hl.exe' it gives me the good ol' 
> opengl is not supported on this device error.  Nothing in the wine 
> console.  This is with build 20010112 (and also a very recent 
> one...forget which).  I did the enable-opengl configure flag.
> I'm trying to run it on a mandrake 7.2 (with a 2.4.1 kernel) with 
> XFree86 4.0.2 on a geforce 256 using nvidia's drivers.  These work fine, 
> as I can run quake3 just fine (native linux, not thru wine...)
> I've already recompiled a couple times...can anyone shed any light on this?
> I'm in agony now that my roommate's re-addicted to CS and I'm running 
> 100% linux since windows ate my harddrive :(
> Also somewhat offtopic, but is there any particular reason that nobody's 
> distributing opengl-enabled wine binaries?  It takes forever to compile 
> these things...it would seem that it shouldn't be platform dependent, 
> since I was under the impression that the opengl api was supposed to be 
> standardized accross everything, but I don't know anything about the 
> guts of it so I could be wrong.
> Anyway, thanks for the help (also if you could cc: to 
> madcow_ucsb at yahoo.com I'd appreciate it...flakey news server here :(  )
> Alex

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