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David dnospamhammerton at labyrinth.net.nospamau
Sun Mar 4 01:07:07 CST 2001

i think the suggested solution to this, is to get WINE from CVS...

have a look at the winehq.com downloads page (down the page a bit) for
CVS instructions!

In article <3AA1A8C4.4050803 at yahoo.com>, "Alex Sanks"
<madcow_ucsb at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Actually didn't notice this line in the wine 
> output:err:opengl:wglGetProcAddress Extension defined in the OpenGL 
> library but NOT in opengl_ext.c... Please report (lionel.ulmer at free.fr)
> !e
> Don't know if that's helpful at all...
> Thanks again alex

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