Is this slowness normal?

Matt Ng bgc_fan at
Thu Nov 22 17:24:20 CST 2001

> Where can I find some info about wineserver can see how to try to start
> it persistently?

Well, you can just launch it from the cmdline with the command wineserver.
I'm not sure how to keep it running since it seems to quit when I quit the

> Incidentally, while I'm waiting for SOL.EXE to actually start, my CPU is
> sitting at 0%, so I don't know what wine is doing.

Are you using the GUI launch or something from codeweavers? Otherwise, I'd
say try starting solitaire from the commandline (i.e. wine
/pathto/sol.exe) and find out what messages are being sent. If it's
building the font database that should only happen once. Hmm, I never have
the wineserver running myself, so I don't know what affect that would
have. Hmm, I'm no expert (just a user), so I'm just relating my

> Oh, and I have 384MB of RAM, so that's not the problem (not that anyone
> has suggested that it is).

Shouldn't be a problem, I only have 128 MB myself.

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