wine won't load anything

Rickey Johnson rjohnson25 at
Wed Oct 3 21:58:51 CDT 2001

I just downloaded 20010824 and ran config and make depend... im in the 
process of compiling. Hopefully my overclocked cpu is stable enough to live 
through it and hopefully things will work after I get it installed. I 
appreciate all the help.


lawson_whitney at wrote:

> On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Rickey Johnson wrote:
>> Its what came with Mandrake 8.0. It was on the cd so I assumed it would
>> play nice with all of the other mandrake children from the cd. I will
>> attempt to upgrade... wish me luck.
>> -Rickey
> Good luck.  If you build from the source, please read past the QUICK
> START to the requirements.  You need pretty much the entire Gnu program
> development toolchain to build Wine.  gcc (I swear by -2.95.3), bison,
> flex, perl, glibc-devel, XFree86-devel, xpm-devel, ncurses-devel.  And
> uninstall the old rpm before installing a new one.  Mandrake rpm's
> install Wine in places that make sense to Mandrake, but they are
> different from where Wine will ./configure itself to go (if you don't
> tell it where you want it), and you can get an unusable hash of bits and
> pieces of different versions.  You can ./configure it to install like
> the rpm, or if you know how to work rpm, you can make your own
> Wine-20010824-1mdk rpm, but it is simpler to just uninstall the old
> before installing the new.  By default, Wine installs its libraries to
> /usr/local/lib.  Add a line
> /usr/local/lib
> to /etc/
> and have the System Administrator run /sbin/ldconfig...if the System
> Administrator runs <wine>/tools/wineinstall, that should take care of
> that.
> Lawson
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