Installation problem

Randy Heineke rbheineke at
Fri Oct 5 15:54:27 CDT 2001

I'm running Mandrake 8.0.  
Got wine from a rpm generated from 10/01/2001 CVS from DataParty. 
Have a no windows installation. 
Found and fixed some install and permission problems. 
Found and fixed some confide and more permission problems with
I'm getting critical errors for my sound system that I would expect
without having sound configured on this linux installation. 
However despite searching the manuals, search the web and groups. I
don't grok the advice given by winecheck.

Here's the stumper

023. Checking availability of winedefault.reg entries...    CRITICAL
(entry "SHAREDMEMLOCATION" not found).

- ADVICE: file winedefault.reg doesn't seem to have been applied using

I have no SHAREDMEMLOCATION in ~/.wine/config ("grep SHAREDMEMLOCATION
.wine/config" returns nothing).
So it looks like regapi could fix .wine/config if I had it or I could
figure out how to get it and run it.
Or I could just edit .wine/config.  Parsing the syntax appears
nontrivial to me and I don't know what value to use.

Could some tell me how to fix this.  

Thanks in advance for your help.


PS. I also get a "Default Taskbar not found" that may be fixed just as
easily. Don't know why I would care about a TaskBar.

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