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Sun Oct 7 11:44:01 CDT 2001

On Sun, 7 Oct 2001, Jørgen Heesche wrote:

> Peter McConnell wrote:
> >
> > Try running wine setup again and edit the dlls so that only the native
> > shlwapi dll is used and not the
> > builtin, this is very easy with the new setup procedure.
> > I hope this fixes your problem
> >
> > Peter
> My Wine distribution is an rpm : wine-20010930-1.i386.rpm. I don't how
> to run the setup procedure. In /usr/bin I have the entries
> wine, wineclipsrv,, winelauncher, wineserver,
> winebuild, winedbg, winedump, winemaker and  wineshelllink.
> Jørgen Heesche

Just because it is easy with the new winesetup (I guess, I have never
used it) doesn't mean you can't do without is.

Just edit ~/.wine/config with a text editor (joe, jed, vi, xedit, emacs,
whatever) and set the


Peter suggests you change

"shlwapi"      = "builtin, native"


"shlwapi"      = "native, builtin"

It may take a bit of tinkering with these.  Native dll's often use
obscure functions in other native dlls, so sometimes trying to use
one native dll makes more deadbeef rather than less, but some
combination (you may need to use other native sh*** dll's to go with
shlwapi) may work.  You cannot use native kernel, user, or gdi, or it
wouldn't be wine, it would be win4lin or vmware.

Wine needs a way to get at winedbg by a windows drive:

[Drive G]
"Path" = "/usr/bin"
"Type" = "network"
"Label" = "Homely"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

Use a drive letter that is not already in another [Drive ] entry.

This allows windows apps you run with wine get at /usr/bin as G: and
theoretically one could do some harm, but I have never heard of such a
thing actually happening.


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