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Wed Oct 10 18:57:13 CDT 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Oliver Gaden wrote:

> Hello,
> i've tried to configurate WINE. But it won't run.
> I want to start the Windows application Slam.exe - path:
> D:\Downloads\Slam.exe
> so i've tried to run slam:
> wine d:\Downloads\Slam.exe
> he can't find d:DownloadSlam.exe
> so i've tried to run slam again
> wine d:\\Downloads\\Slam.exe
> he can't find d:\Downloads\Slam.exe
> grom my wine.conf:
> [Drive D]
> "Path" = "/mnt/win_d"
> "Type" = "hd"
> "Label" = "D"
> "Filesystem" = "win95"

FAIK, this is the Right Stuff, but it is in the wrong place.
Wine doesn't read any wine.conf file, unless the Wine administrator
wants to play games with symbolic links, and hasn't for nearly a year.

> please help me.

Maybe if you copied wine.conf to ~/.wine/config, all would be well.
Of course, the drive with \Downloads\Slam.exe must be mounted on
/mnt/win_d.  "df" to see what is mounted where.


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