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Sat Oct 13 13:18:14 CDT 2001

you need to update your NOLF to ver 3 by getting the patch, then goto to get the fixed exe, then wine Nolf.exe and you get as
far as I, I get a splash screen but when I click launch it says "No game
resources specified" and dies..... respond to this if you read it just so
I know your alive, maybe we can get it running?

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> Hello all,
> I am trying to install NOLF (No One Lives Forever) using wine. I'm quite
> certain I will have problems with this game (I don't THINK it supports
> GL mode), but cannot even get to a splash screen, startup or anything.
> I am getting an error stating "that a debugger has been detected -
> unload and try again" even though I have no debugger loaded/running.
> When I try running with --winver nt40 I get an error message stating :
> "fixme:win32:DEVICE_Open Unknown VxD Secdrv. Try --winver nt40 !"
> Any ideas where to go?
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