another ttyS0 acces problem ;-)

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Tue Oct 16 14:46:56 CDT 2001

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Dave Platt wrote:

> In article <20011015.152152.134646080.0.lawson_whitney at>,
>  <wine-users at> wrote:
> >> I did chmod 666 /dev/ttyS0, made it group "users" r/w/x for all, suid and
> >> gid but still no suxes.
> >
> >What in the name of Babbage do you think suid and gid are spoze to do to
> >a comm port?
> Control who's allowed to open the serial port!
gid followed immediately suid, so I read it as sgid.  None of the
special permissions _control_ access, and AFAIK they have no meaning
except on an executable file or a directory.  Yes it is entirely proper
to control serial port access by group - I do - but you don't get much
control with mode 666 - which is not rwx for all, either.  never mind.

I hope the original poster will read
[p]info  fileutils -> file permissions -> mode structure

sometime soon before he applies "chmod ug+s" to everything as a panacea.


panic: detected rogue system administrator!!
---cut here

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