another ttyS0 acces problem ;-)

Japie House-Mouse at
Wed Oct 17 12:18:17 CDT 2001

In <20011015.152152.134646080.0.lawson_whitney at>, lawson_whitney

>> I did chmod 666 /dev/ttyS0, made it group "users" r/w/x for all, suid
>> and gid but still no suxes.
> What in the name of Babbage do you think suid and gid are spoze to do to
> a comm port?

 :-) Uhhhmmm, I thougt it never hurts to overdo it. (ok, don't hit me, I
will undo it)

> On the way.  This letter brought to you by Wine using /dev/tts/3 (known
> before devfs as /dev/ttyS3).

I read the DevFS wine problem, but in general I think DevFS is great!
Finaly a way to get rid of that ridiculas directory with hundreds of
things youll never use.
As soon as I have a new motherboard I will use it to (I already tryed it,
but wine isn't the only thing that needs adapted)

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