Trying to startup Wine

Larry Alkoff invalid at
Sun Oct 21 13:26:44 CDT 2001

I have downloaded the source (wine-20011004), 
compiled and installed with ~/wine-20011004/tools/
and am attempting to start running it.

My first try, as suggested in the docs, is /windows/sol.exe
from a terminal in KDE
and the error message I get is:
Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

I compiled and installed as root - that may have been a mistake.
However, I have a /root/.wine subdirectory with config and some other files.

I think some obvious step is missing but cannot think of what after reading
the various docs several times.

My ultimate goal (besides sol.exe!) is to run my dos programs, agent and

Can you hep me?

Larry Alkoff N2LA

Larry Alkoff N2LA
My address is:  larryalk is_at mindspring dot com

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