Trying to startup Wine

phrostie pfrostie at
Sun Oct 21 13:50:35 CDT 2001

before root can open a window the user that owns the rights to the display 
needs to run xhost + localhost.
this will give local users, such as root, access to the display.

On Sunday 21 October 2001 14:26, you wrote:
> I have downloaded the source (wine-20011004),
> compiled and installed with ~/wine-20011004/tools/
> and am attempting to start running it.
> My first try, as suggested in the docs, is /windows/sol.exe
> from a terminal in KDE
> and the error message I get is:
> Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
> I compiled and installed as root - that may have been a mistake.
> However, I have a /root/.wine subdirectory with config and some other
> files.
> I think some obvious step is missing but cannot think of what after reading
> the various docs several times.
> My ultimate goal (besides sol.exe!) is to run my dos programs, agent and
> pmmail.
> Can you hep me?
> Larry Alkoff N2LA

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