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Sun Oct 21 20:39:47 CDT 2001

On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, Larry Alkoff wrote:

> What about installing as root?  Am I fubar?
> I have changed the ownership of the files in /usr/local/bin and lib
> from root to my normal username and things seem to work better.

wineinstall expects root to run it.  Normally, root has to run
"make install", because it owns /usr and doesn't allow anybody else to
write there.  I don't see why chowning would help.  The user that runs
wine only needs to read and execute them.
> I copied the /root/.wine/config  to ~/.wine
> and changed the ownership.
> Should I copy the rest of the files?
You need the *.reg files.  The normal way is to run "regapi setValue <
<wine>/winedefault.reg".  Wine will make the rest of the files itself.
You might want to edit winedefault.reg first to set up the debugger

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug]
# command line to start a debugger when an exception occurs
"Debugger"="/usr/local/bin/winedbg %ld %ld"

Make this the ^^^^^ absolute path to winedbg, and map it to a windows
drive.  Do you see why I don't like for the user who runs wine to own
files in /usr/local/bin?  In truth I have never heard of any damage
coming this way, but ...

> It's the dos programs I really want.  Particularly I want to run
> a windowed dos session with my choice of 4dos as a command processor
> instead of  And set up my own path.
>  Then all my batch files and dos programs will work as normal in
> dos/Windows.
> But I can't find anything on setting up such a windowed session.

Probably because there isn't anything.  I did manage (from a text
console (control-alt-F1 thru F6 to get one of them, I think)) to get to start.

wine --winver win31 --dosver 6.22 /gp/windose/

I did a dir and it listed some files and crashed.  Maybe 4dos is nicer.
The only command processor I know of is the winelib program wcmd.
It doesn't build with the rest of wine.  You have to

cd <wine>/programs[/wcmd]
su -c "make install"

to build it.  It has some ability to run batch files.  There is some
doco in its source directory.
> Surely I don't have to setup a link or run programs from the KDE run
> line each time?

There are many ways.  Some day we will write all the ways in a big
book.  We will then burn the big book.  - M. K. Tulley

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