if someone knows the answer ..

Simon Collis scollis at angelfire._nospam_.com
Wed Oct 24 15:37:36 CDT 2001

Daniel is quite correct.  Personally I create a folder on a different
drive.  You can change the directory with Tools | Options, and I then
back up that drive (which also has my other data on it.)

Means that if my OS disk dies or I corrupt the partition table (which
I've done in the past, please don't ask how, it is a very long story),
my email is safe  :)


On Tue, 23 Oct 2001 00:06:27 +0200, daniel huhardeaux <dh at tootai.com>

>Le Lundi 22 Octobre 2001 21:55, vous avez =E9crit :
>> ...but, is there any way I
>> can save my e-mails from outlook ex. and outlook so that it is possible
>> to reinstall them as e-mails on my new hardisk.
>If I good remember, your mails are stored in directory program=20
>files->application/data->microsoft->ie-> ... and then long name like=20
>{1234567890123456789abcd} Try to look for dbx extension and you will find=
>them. Normally this files have same name that mailbox in OE (inbox, send=20
>...) Perhaps you can also try to ask forproperties of your OE=20
>directories: depending on OE version, it can give you name of folders.=20
>Hope it help you.
>daniel.huhardeaux at tootai.com

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