Ongoing Eudora problems and a thanks

Michael S. Moulton mmoulton at
Wed Oct 24 19:18:28 CDT 2001

In article <3bd76159.1599834 at>, "gerard patel"
<g.patel at> wrote:
>>Now, Eudora Light 3.0.5 is running much better under the 10/4 build.  A
>>few little things are still wrong.
>>Running just "wine --managed eudora.exe" seems to work pretty well, but
>>there are a few issues with the mailbox list down the left side.  The
>>main one being that mailboxes with no mail aren't bold like they should
> I see the opposite : when a mailbox has mail,  it's bold.

Sorry, that was a typo.  Should've said: "Mailboxes with NEW mail aren't
bold like they should be."

>>Second (this is the killer)-- if Eudora is minimized, and a new message
>>comes in, the mailbox window shrinks to its smallest possible size. 
>>This is really really annoying :)
> Some questions
> 1) what do you mean by mailbox ? the message list ? the mailbox tree
> window ?
> 2) a message comes in : do you have set automatic scan of server for new
> messages ? Does the problem occurs also when asking the server by hand ?
> 3) do you see the problem when running with all builtin libraries ? 4)
> about minimizing problems : which window manager do you use (it can
> matter)

1) The window that pops up with the message list.  When it pops up, if
Eudora is minimized, it shrinks the message list window.
2) Yes, it's set for 5 minutes.  I don't know if it does it when I check
manually-- it only does it if I have it minimized, and if I check
manually, I generally don't have time to minimize before the download.
3) I'm not sure-- I switched away from the builtin libraries when I had
the problem with mailboxes in the list not going bold.
4) KWM.  It's KDE 1.1.2.


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