Problem: Black Screen after starting StarCraft...

PUYDT Julien julien.puydt1 at
Sun Oct 28 06:28:14 CST 2001

Dans l'article <9re782$10ss$1 at>, "PUYDT Julien"
<julien.puydt1 at> a écrit:
> I can't help you, but I do have the same hard setup, I also use debian
> unstable with wine daily build from, and I have the
> same problem with Diablo II and Baldur's Gate! They install well, but
> when I try to play, they change resolution and the story ends...

I can now be more precise: I have tried the same trick on another debian
unstable with the same wine version, but on a machine that has an intel
740 for video, and I have the same problem again.

Just to say I'm not just waiting for somebody else to give me the answer:
I'm still trying...


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