gerard patel g.patel at
Mon Oct 29 09:14:42 CST 2001

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001 14:36:17 +0100, "daniel huhardeaux"
<daniel.huhardeaux at> wrote:

>Patch applied but problem still existing (exactly same message) :(
>Another idea?

No, printing works fine for me with this patch (not that it not
worked before, but it did not work for some programs)
Actually the trace you showed is exactly what I get on my
computer (except the printer name of course) when I open
an application that is printing fine, but *without* trying to 

So I guess that you did not try to print when you dumped this
Wine trace on disk...It would be better also to use -debugmsg
+winspool,+psdrv - but maybe it would make the trace too big
for a news group message : in this case setup the trace on a
web page.


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