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Tue Oct 30 16:08:38 CST 2001

Vaclav Chaloupka <vchaloupka at> wrote:
: Gerard. Thansk for the reply. I had the same feeling. Strange think is that 
: it says err:ntdll but there is no NT nor XP nor W2K. Just the Windows 98. I 
: am even running it with the -winver win98 - same result. I have now set all 
: the libraries (even the default) to 'builtin'. It DOES start the notepad 
: now but for any "more complex application" it behaves the same as before. I 
: have tried Macromedia Dreamweaver, Winword, Outlook and few others. If I 
: set any library (e.g. the default) to 'native' it would fail. Any idea?

Many wine code does use ntdll. So you don't need to use native NT dlls to
get this error. Describing "Dreamweaver, Winword, Outlook" as "more complex
application" is a little understatement. They are "most complex apps" at
least with regards to API usage. Try someting in between sol.exe and those
application, possibly not provided by the big  MS followers and MS


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