error message not understood

John John
Wed Oct 31 02:31:41 CST 2001


I noticed another problem after I changed the 
"system" = "C:\\winnt\\SYSTEM" to "system" = "C:\\winnt\\SYSTEM32"  
After I made the change, the application that had worked, didn't.  It was 
looking for a dll in c:\winnt\system.  It seems as thought the path is set 
to include both system and system32, but is there a way I can set
"system" = "C:\\winnt\\SYSTEM" to be both system and system32?


> I guess is that your config file is wrong : it defaults to
> windows\system; while under nt like operating systems,
> the system directory is called system32. Update the path
> and system entries under Wine accordingly. This will allow
> Wine to search all your files at the proper place instead
> of copying them.
> Gerard

John F. Godfrey, Pastor
Grandville Assembly of God, Grandville, MI  USA

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