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Eduard Martinescu emartine at
Wed Oct 31 17:56:48 CST 2001

I am having similar problems....  I don't even need the debugmsg line to see
the problem...

I get an error from the midi driver about 'invalid ioctl for midi info'.  As
far as I can tell by
looking at the code for both Wine and the kernel sound driver, the sound
driver does not provide any ioctl support for the /dev/sequencer device, and
that is the call that is failing.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Will using the ALSA driver with the OSS
compatability layer help?


"eric pouech" <eric.pouech at> wrote in message
news:3BDDBB81.F8CB48C7 at
> This is where I started from. These settings in the WinMM section are
> the
> > example you get with all the documentation, but it doesn't appear to
> > for the Soundblaster Live. Is there some other setting for "Drivers"
> > might work??
> - what's your exact configuration (OS, OSS version, wine version)
> - which application are you trying to use ?
> - how does it fail (any error message ?)
> - try to run wine with -debugmsg +wave,+dsound,+mmsys and see where it
> fails
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