Wine or AOL being so clever?

James McLaughlin katana at
Mon Sep 3 15:05:20 CDT 2001

On Sunday 02 September 2001 08:58 pm, you wrote:
> "Sim" <simon.hampton at> wrote in message
> news:<pan.2001. at>...
> > Just installed Aim for win 98 using Wine, and it ended up putting a nice
> > Aim icon on my KDE desktop with the wine command in to start aim - i.e.
> > wine "/mnt/win98/Pro...."
> >
> > This is getting really smooth!
> >
> > Simon
> Why use AIM on Linux when there's Gaim?  Gaim offers many more
> features and it doesn't include the advertising.

I agree in more ways than you can think of.  I converted a small office for 
the company I work for over to KDE workstations and AIM was the primary form 
of communication for the office (3 floors).  The converts love GAIM and now 
swear by "That open-source stuff"


Use GAIM...


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