Wine or AOL being so clever?

Sim simon.hampton at
Tue Sep 4 15:08:31 CDT 2001

In article <01090314052001.17668 at>, "James McLaughlin"
<katana at> wrote:

>> Why use AIM on Linux when there's Gaim?  Gaim offers many more features
>> and it doesn't include the advertising.
> I agree in more ways than you can think of.  I converted a small office
> for the company I work for over to KDE workstations and AIM was the
> primary form of communication for the office (3 floors).  The converts
> love GAIM and now swear by "That open-source stuff"

I do use gaim, and just tried to install AIM95 to see what wxould happen
... and was impressed.  What I really want is for the full AOL client to work
under wine.


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