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Mon Sep 3 17:09:19 CDT 2001

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Giorgio Busatto wrote:

> Ok, I expressed myself incorrectly. I tried it and I was very well impressed.
> I was enthusiastic when StarCraft just started with no complaints! (A bit
> slow,
> though, on a Pentium II 333 MHz)
> My dream would be that we can run windows applications without the need
> to use Windows altogether, i.e. replace windows. As far as I understand, I
> still need to have
> a running windows installation to run wine.

Absolutely not.  AFAIK, it has never been necessary.  Wine is a *NIX X
application (and library) that provides windose API services to windose

> Or is it possible to just have a
> windows
> formatted partition where I install windows applications from wine, without
> windows.

Doesn't have to be windose formatted.  Wine doesn't give a stuff what
format it is in, as long as the underlying *NIX is able to mount it.
Now, depending on the app you are trying to run, it may stub its nose on
some function that is not yet implemented in Wine, and need to use some
native windose dll.  That windose dll can live in an ext2 or
ext3 filesystem for all wine cares, as long as it is mapped in
> I am really keen on this idea! I will have to read the fine manuals.
> Giorgio
I have never had any flavor of M$windows on this machine, but you get
this letter by a windows app that insists on native windows msvcrt and
mfc42 (which it installed itself) and riched32 that I had to find


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