Gracjan Polak gracjan at
Fri Sep 14 14:03:53 CDT 2001

Hello all,

Some days ago I decided to try to compile MFC under wine.
I've read all wine mailing threads about this, did some exploration 
myself, and now have some questions:

1. Does anybody out there have generated Makefile for MFC under wine?
    It could save me much time in the beginning, so I don't have to
    hand-correct winemaker generated files.
    So maybe a kind soul that already got through this hell
    could help me?

    I sort of understand legal issues involved,
    so I don't ask for the full patch for MFC.

2. I noticed some new header files under include/wine/msvcrt
    (eh.h, crtdbg.h, others...).
    Is it save to put path to this directory in front of my include
    directory list? Should I know more about this, eg. libs to link with?

3. MFC wants <tchar.h> header. Is there any reason why this file is not
    in include/wine/msvcrt? (as of 20010731)

4. Last question:
    What are the chances to compile C++ app implementing some COM
    interfaces? The answer is probably "currently none", so I'll ask:
    Is there any work in progress in this area?

And big *THANK YOU* for all of you for the excellent work!


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