Using MFC in wine

François Gouget fgouget at
Mon Sep 17 13:45:27 CDT 2001

chorg wrote:
> Hello all,
>                 I'm writing a program for windows.  I've made a cross compiler, gotten some
>                 source together, and am looking to compile it.  I'd like to use the microsoft
>                 foundation classes to do this.  Are they included with wine?  How would I
>                 include them for use in my program?

   The MFC are not included with Wine for obvious copyright/license
reasons. And we did not reimplement them either. And I don't think
anyone intends to do so.
   Still you can use the MFC if you wish as you have a limited right to
redistribute the binaries per the license (VC6 SP3 in particular). Make
sure you read the license very carefully for yourself though (IANAL). In
any case compiling the MFC with WineLib still requires quite a bit of

François Gouget
fgouget at

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