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> Hi, my name is Rob taylor and i have been trying to emu some games in linux,
> sound problem
> i have an Aureal SQ2500 PCI sound card, the problem is , linux doesnt
> naticvely support it.

This is off-topic in this newsgroup. Wine does not support windows

> i used to DL my linux aureal drivers from sourceforge, there weas a group
> doing linux aureal drivers that worked quite nicely, unfortunatly, that was
> for 2.2.x kernels, and i cant get it to work in 2.4.x (redhat 7.1) but the
> wierd thing is, i could have sworn i got it to work in Mandrake 8.

This may be caused by using the standard compiler for RH instead of
the compiler used for compiling the kernel. That is kgcc, IIRC.
Try "export CC=kgcc" before compiling the drivers.

Further I had to add this line:

#define get_user_ret(x, ptr,  ret) ({ if(get_user(x, ptr)) return ret; })

to au_vortex.h and change INCLUDEDIRS in the Makefile to point to the
kernel headers.

> any ideas where i can DL a new Linux Aureal driver? 

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