G.LeeJohnson TheCarpenters at
Tue Sep 18 13:23:35 CDT 2001

> Further I had to add this line:
> #define get_user_ret(x, ptr,  ret) ({ if(get_user(x, ptr)) return ret; })
> to au_vortex.h and change INCLUDEDIRS in the Makefile to point to the
> kernel headers.
> > any ideas where i can DL a new Linux Aureal driver?

if you card is based on the au88xx series then you should be fine with
the sourceforge groups efforts..

make sure to read some of the replies about this.......i had trouble
with mine as well at first in RH7.1/2.4.6 but I'm afraid its been
sometime and don't recall fix....this gentlemans reply might well do it
but if not please reference the aureal group at sourceforge for more
info/help..thats why they're there ;)

good luck :)))

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