Newbie question - running MSMONEY fails.

dave d.harbottle at
Thu Sep 20 05:49:17 CDT 2001

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> On 18 Sep 2001 05:47:46 -0700, d.harbottle at (dave)
> wrote:
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> >fixme:shell:SHRegGetUSValueW (0x702a2398), stub!
> >err:seh:UnhandledExceptionFilter no standard debugger defined in
> >registry => no debugging session...blah
> Gerard

Hi Gerard,
I've had a good look through the documentation, run winecheck OK and
I'm still confused.  Do I need to add all the MSMONEY specific dll's
to my config file.

I now get a (windows) dialog box up saying something about 'an
essential MSMONEY component is missing, reinstall from original CD".

Just to recap my problem.  I have a dual boot PC, windows/SuSE7.2
MSMoney works fine on W98.
I want to run MSMoney under WINE and don't know how to
'install/configure' it correctly - I can run simple apps like

Tnx in advance.

Confused from Macclesfield

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