win32:DEVICE_Open Unknown VxD A:. Try --winver nt40 or win31 !

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Thu Sep 20 19:12:39 CDT 2001

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Marc MERLIN wrote:

> Hi,
> I was hoping  to use wine to  run one of those stupid  windows binaries that
> generate a floppy (at  least IBM has a clue, and also  offers the raw floppy
> image for dd-ing)
> In this case, the culprit is seagate's seatools:
> I installed wine under debian  unstable (Version: 0.0.20010824-1) and when I
> run the windows binary under wine, it runs but fails to write the floppy and
> wine fails with:
> fixme:win32:DEVICE_Open Unknown VxD A:. Try --winver nt40 or win31 !
> The only replaceable DLL wine loads  is advapi32.dll, and I tried to provide
> one from w2k and win98 ("advapi32" = "native, builtin") but it didn't help.
> Of course, changing the version of windows (--winver) didn't help either
> Is it a piece of  wine that is still missing or is there  a way to make this
> work?
> Thanks
> Marc
Maybe not.  I am feeling stupid today, so I will ask some stupid

Has the Wine Administrator set up a

[Drive A]

entry in ~/.wine/config that matches the local system?

Has the System Administrator allowed the user who runs wine to read and
write the raw device described in the [Drive A] entry?
Hmmm, Windose doesn't make such a nice clear distinction between device
and filesystem, I think.  Maybe you need a msdose formatted floppy in
the drive, and it mounted -t vfat on a mount point that matches the
[Drive A]
"Path" =

with mount options that allow the user who runs wine to read and write

I don't know where Debian likes to mount the floppy.  RH and Mandrake
like /mnt/floppy, which is not at all the same as "/mnt/fd0" that we
have in the sample config... of course ultimately it is up to the System
Administrator, who is probably you.

Wine is capable to allow direct access to the floppy, I think, if all
goes well, and we don't need no steenking VXD either, but I'm not sure
that is what the app is asking for.  Maybe it just wants to write some
files on drive A:?


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