Wine runing Diablo2 LoD fine, but no keyboard input

Holger Eichler holger.eichler at
Fri Sep 21 04:31:32 CDT 2001

Hello, I was just so happy to have Diablo2 LoD in a 800x600 window under 
KDE 2.2.1 runing. It's quite smoth and even BNet connection on our privat 
Linux BNETD Server works. So just everything works fine (aint got sound, 
but I don't care), except for the whole keyboard, no input possibel. What's 
wrong with my Wine instalation? The debug output tells me about a language 
problem and the sound failure. I've read the help pages, but they just told 
me about problems with the different keyboard map files for other layouts, 
so there no solutuion for no working keyboards. What is wrong?


mfg Holger Eichler

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