Wine Errors

Ben Waldher benwald at
Mon Sep 24 18:03:29 CDT 2001

Ok, I am running Redhat Linux 7.1 on my second hard drive, on my main hard 
drive I have windows 98 second edition. So, in the console I type:
mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /disks/c
and I got my Drive C in my wine config set to the appropriate directory. So 
I browse to /disks/c in the console and type:
wine program.exe
And the following error comes up:
Warning: could not find wine config [Drive x] for current working directory 
/disks/c/windows; starting in windows driectory
wine: cannot find 'program.exe'
This happens with all the programs I use. Now, when I do a cd I browse to 
that and try setup.exe. The following error shows up:
Then up comes a window:
Setup Initialization Error

Setup Requires a different version of windows. Check to make sure that you 
are running Setup on the Windows platform for which it is intended.

Error 102.

BTW, the program on the CD was Half-Life.

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