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Tue Sep 25 20:16:36 CDT 2001

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Praedor Tempus wrote:

> I have been running, first, codeweaver's wine and, just recently I built
> and installed wine-20010918-1.  Nonetheless, no matter which version I have
> had, doing a "wine --version" produces "Wine release 20010824".

That is correct.  wine --version reports the ftp release of
Wine.  Unless I missed a letter from wine-announce, 20010824 is the most
recent ftp release of Wine.  And I missed the letter in wine-cvs with a
url to a patch file that changed ANNOUNCE and version.h (and ChangeLog).
> I have uninstalled wine before switching from one version to another.
> Doing "rpm -qa |grep wine" shows only wine-20010918-1 installed.  Somewhere
> is a file/config that is causing wine to misreport which version it
> is...and this also makes me wonder if this situation is a potential source
> of my wine problems - mixed libs or binaries, etc.
I doubt it.  It will be wine-20010824 until Alexandre decides to make a
new ftp release and changes <wine>/ANNOUNCE and
<wine>/include/version.h.  He could, of course, change the way wine does
versions, but probably he is working on things he thinks are more

> What file supplies the version information?  Or is it built into the binary
> executable?  If the latter, why do all versions of wine seem to report
> "Wine release 20010824"?


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