WinME, Win2000: status

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Fri Sep 28 03:25:55 CDT 2001

Sergey V. Udaltsov <sergey.oudaltsov at> wrote:
: Hi all

: Some time ago I asked about support of WinME and Win2000. The answer
: was: not ready yet.
: These days, when people enjoy VSS under Linux, I have to admit I really
: need wine:)
: So in a word: can I use Wine with any of these OSes? Could anyone please
: point me out to the settings I need in my config file (I am especially
: interested in Profile option)?

Try to understand Wine. Wine doesn't "use an OS", but implements the Win(32)
Api. There is nothing special about Wine and WinMe or Win2000, as the target
is to run applications without the need of any code supplied by the core OS
implementation of WinXX.  

However "core" applications of MS mostly use sophisticated and/or
undocumented features of the MS implementation of the WinXX Api, and those
applications have their problems with wine ( like many other applications due
to errors and/or omissions in the Wine implementation).

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