printing with wine

Darrin Ritter dvr at
Mon Apr 1 08:13:36 CST 2002

fixed thanks for the replies off list


when I try to print with the wine preview 5 from codeweavers out of
notepad I get the following errors

1. Notepad error message

Not Enough Memory to print

Quit one or more applications to increase available memory, and then try

2. Error in terminal

Printing Disabled in wine.conf or .winerc file
Use "printer=on" in the [wine] section to enable it
err:dc:CreateDCA no driver found for ESP500
err:commdlg:PRINTDLG_PaperSize Hmm /Device Capabilities() DC_PAPERNAMES
failed, ret -1 !
err:dc:CreateDCA no driver found for ESP500

I am using mandrake 8.1 and cups printing to a Freesco Print server (I
dont think that this should make any difference) (the application that I
am trying to get working is quickbooks which runs under wine but on
another machine that I dont have access to at the moment so I am using
notepad as a substitute)

what do these errors mean and are the problems that cause them easilly

cheers Darrin

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