Wine rpms from (daily cvs) broken since 22.03.2002

Marcus Roeckrath marcus.roeckrath at
Mon Apr 1 14:15:09 CST 2002

Hi Tony,

Tony Lambregts wrote on Montag,  1. April 2002 02:13 about Re: Wine rpms from (daily cvs) broken since 22.03.2002:

> If you look at my thread "Problem compiling wine with latest cvs" you
> can see you are not alone. I have opened up a bug report on this.
> if your  interested.

I think it's not a bug. I have never setu up WINEDLLPATH environment variable 
and now it seams to be essential to do so.

Setting up:


in the /etc/profile file and wine is working as well as before.


Gruss Marcus

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