Font problems - modern.fon not loaded (me too)

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Mon Apr 15 08:35:55 CDT 2002


Don't have my Linux box with me at the moment...
But could you tell me what app does need this font ?
Will look at it tuesday evening, but if i remember
correct, it loads when using fontview.

Do you have the last version (CVS is better), because
some improvement have been made in fonts these weeks ?

 --- Emidio Reggiani <emidio at> a écrit :
> Hallo Sylvain.
> I was looking at faqs/howtos/forums to find some
> help to solve this problem
> (exactly the same you had). I didn't find any
> helpful answer... If you
> managed to solve it could you please inform me about
> what did you do?
> Thanks
>  Emidio Reggiani                                   
> emidio at
>  CP Software - Web Developing Team             

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