regedit.exe notepad.exe and other wine substitutes

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Wed Apr 17 23:09:51 CDT 2002


In my opinion the best solution is to have a real application in the C: wine unit.

For example, if you need a text editor you can use an alternative for Notepad.

I investigated the windows registry and found this:

1. The "link" between files types (3 letter extensions) is defined in 2 steps.
2. The first step is to define "type names". For example .TXT files are named
"txtfile". In my registry I found several 3 letter extensions connected with the
name "txtfile" (not only the extension .TXT)
3. The second step is the link between the name and the application that manage
this "family of extensions"

I exported the registry branches where these steps are defined.

The branch for the first step is in the attached file : TIPOARCH.REG
The branch for the second step is in the attached file: TIPOAPLI.REG

(both files can be viewed using a normal text editor in Linux or in Windows. DO
NOT double click on them while in Windows, if you do so, you will append the
contents to your registry)

(As you can see in the second file, I use UltraEdit as text editor, it is very
very good)

I hope this helps you.

Pedro Restrepo

Raul Dias wrote:

> Tony Lambregts <tony_lambregts at> wrote:
> >
> >>
> >The programs in /programs clock etc. are winelib programs.  They are
> >*nix programs that require the wine libraries to run hense "WineLib".
> >You first have to comple them.
> Yes, I understand this.
> >if I want to run clock  I run "clock" not "wine clock" or "wine
> >clock.exe".  One thing though. clock and should be accessable
> >from a a drive defined in  ~/.wine/config otherwise it can give you
> >errors. If you do not do the final make install as root clock is not in
> >the unix path but I can still run by specifying exactly where it is, for
> >example ~/wine/programs/clock.  Beware I use clock as an example but it
> >is not a really really great program.
> >
> ok.
> However the point is that some programs like installers needs to run
> a few windows program like regedit.exe (office 95 needs it) and notepad.exe
> (as when displaying a README file at the end of the installation).
> I don't want to add a copy of window's real notepad.exe and regedit.exe
> (unless necessary) in a windows free wine c: tree.
> So, if I move regedit from the program/ dir to c:\windows and rename it
> to regedit.exe (as a link to wine) and mv the .so file too renaming it to
> will work?
> Or win32 intallers uses some file extension association (mime/type) api in the
> registry to know which app should be run?
> If the later is true, can I access these file associations in the registry?
> []'s
> Raul Dias
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