Installing MS Office gives error in installer

Tijs van Bakel tijs at
Thu Apr 18 06:59:46 CDT 2002

(I'm replying to wine-users, as this doesn't seem like an appropriate
post for the wine-devel list)

Speeddymon <speeddymon at> writes:

> I just recently installed wine-20020411 (as you may
> have noticed from my patch)
> I haven't tried installing Office 2000 on previous
> versions, but heard that it worked, so I decided to
> try it.  First I tried it in Crossover Office (since i
> just recently got that also) and the Office 2000
> installer complained that it couldnt find a package to
> install on the installation media.  So I tried it in
> wine and it did the same thing...  There were no debug
> messages or anything (in the console).

What package exactly was that?  Please supply more information if the
following doesn't work for you.

Using the latest CVS version of Wine, I managed to install the Dutch
version of Office 2000 on a fake_windows partition using the default
DllOverrides: "*" = "builtin, native, so".

When running the setup tool for Office, _don't_ install Internet
Explorer 5.0, but only the minimal component.

Also, the installer only worked when _not_ using Desktop mode.

Unfortunately, Office 2000 doesn't work flawlessly for me.  I seem to
be unable to save documents in Word, for instance.

Hope this helps,

Tijs van Bakel, ConnecTUX, <tijs at>

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