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Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Wed Aug 7 02:09:52 CDT 2002

 --- Ambassador Incursio <necores at> a écrit : > I usually
avoid questioning someone's reasons for
> doing something when they ask for help, but I am
> sorry, I gotta ask it here:  Why?
> I don't mean this in a negative way; I really am
> curious why one would go through the trouble of using
> a non-MS operating system and install the IE browswer.

I had the same problems.
Why ? Because I want to use some Windows apps thare are started by an
IE plug-in. For example a game called the 4th Prothety (
is started in France by a special plug-in that provides
login,chat,buddy list, etc.

I must say that IE is not fully functionnal this day. (aka IE 5 & 6)
Try to display and you'll see what I say.

The best way to install is the copy of the entire Prgram Files\Internet
Explorer directory. I didn't try the appdb mentionned in previous
mails, as my installation is old.

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