Multiple winserver

Kevin DeKorte kdekorte at
Mon Dec 2 11:44:46 CST 2002

Is it is possible to have a wineserver instance for
each wine process?

For example I have Lotus Notes and Lotus Wordpro

If I start Notes and then try and run Wordpro it
crashes. If I start WordPro without Notes running it
works fine. 

If I have Notes running as my UID and then I start
WordPro as a different UID everything works ok as
well. So I would like to have a separate wineserver
for each process.

This is the error I get when Notes and WordPro share a
wineserver process.

fixme:class:get_class_ptr reading from class of other
process window 0x10028


Kevin DeKorte
kdekorte at

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