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Chris Berry compjma at
Mon Dec 2 14:49:32 CST 2002

>From: "Patrick Tighe" <ptighe at>
>I can make a certain case for absolutely not.  Myself, I'm considering
>strongly going back to Windows for work, I've run into too many >instances 
>where OO has not given me the correct info.  this is very >important when 
>I'm looking at a quote from a supplier, and the fields >with multiplication 
>are not multiplied.  Also, checkboxes don't come >across, and I'm sure 
>there are others.  While I believe Linux to be >the superior OS, I don't 
>believe Star Office, or Open Office are up to >the level of MS Office.

We've been switching over to OO from MS and you're right, there are about 5% 
of documents that have some problems, but given the ROI, we think its worth 
a few extra labor hours.  Also, most of the time you can find a slighty 
different way of the making the document and let your supplier know how to 
change it, and you're both happy.  The multiplication problem is probably 
caused because someone got lazy and used a cell reference when they should 
have used a variable.  Checkboxes seem to work fine on mine though.  
Personally, I think its worth a little hassle to be able to have the same 
word processor on both platforms.  Of course, if your company has some heavy 
macro users, you may have to stick with M$ products.

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