need help installing wine...Please!

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Dec 9 13:07:58 CST 2002

Neal Hamilton Jr. wrote:
> System: 1800+ athlon
> OS: Redhat 8.0
> I downloaded the latest tar.gz file from the homepage "wine-20021125" 
> un-tared it via tar -zxvf  Wine-20021125.tar.gz.... then cd to 
> wine-20021125. From the latter directory I try to run the 
> ./tools/wineinstall "as a user" and get this error:
> [JoKeR at WhItEWidoW wine-20021125]$ ./tools/wineinstall
> /bin/bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied

Since I see  ^^^^^, you don't appear to be running "as a user". You 
should generally log into a Linux system only as a user, and if you need 
root privledges for something, then "su -" in a terminal window to 
become root.

Also, be sure to uninstall the Redhat version of wine, if that was 

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