Need help installing some software

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Dec 9 18:40:46 CST 2002

Anthony Joseph Seward wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 16:01, Duane Clark wrote:
>>Anthony Joseph Seward wrote:
>>>>The software in question is the Win2K version of a device driver for a
>>>>USB hardware key:  I get
>>>>problems with both the legacy installer and the MSI installer.

Ouch, the Sentinel driver. I am assuming you are also going to need to 
run some additional licensing software such as Flexlm? I think you are 
going to have major headaches trying to get that running in Linux/Wine.

Unfortunately, I keep an old machine stuck in a corner around here 
running WinNT and a Sentinel/Flexlm license server, which is the only 
thing I use it for.

> I was under the impression that VXD drivers won't work and there are no
> plans to support them in part because the 32-bit drivers should be
> easire to support.  There have been a couple of posts to the newsgroup
> saying that drivers for NT might work.

My understanding is that anything that attempts to talk directly to 
hardware is a problem, because Linux does not allow user programs to 
talk directly to hardware. Then again, I could be way off there.

> I may not have things set up quite correctly for the CVS version because
> I seem to get farther with the transgaming version.  With the
> transgaming version I get to a place where it thinks I should have
> administrative rights and thinks that I do not.  I would prefer to use
> the CVS version since Red Hat tracks this.
> OK, with the CVS version on Red Hat 8.0 and using the MSI version of the
> installer, I get an error box from Install Shield saying '1611: Unable
> to extract the file (null).' 

I get exactly the same error box when running the installer. So I think 
you likely have Wine setup correctly. I notice that the error box occurs 
immediately after:

trace:file:ReadFile 0x48 0x417f8130 1024 0x4058f2d0 (nil)
trace:file:WriteFile 0x4c 0x417f8130 1024 0x4058f2d0 (nil)
trace:file:ReadFile 0x48 0x417f8130 420 0x4058f2d0 (nil)
trace:file:WriteFile 0x4c 0x417f8130 420 0x4058f2d0 (nil)
fixme:cabinet:FDICreate (0x402fc4, 0x410a02, 0x4030ac, 0x402fcf, 
0x40300c, 0x403052, 0x403079, 1, 0x4058fb30): stub
err:dc:DCE_FreeWindowDCE [0x6002f] GetDC() without ReleaseDC()!

The rest of the trace is cleanup before the installer exits. And it has 
in fact written out the installer files:
# ll /c/TEMP/_is33d9/
total 1172
drwxrwxr-x    2 dclark   dclark       4096 Dec  9 16:22 ./
drwxrwxr-x    4 dclark   dclark       4096 Dec  9 16:22 ../
-rw-rw-r--    1 dclark   dclark       3494 Dec  9 16:22 0x0409.ini
-rw-rw-r--    1 dclark   dclark    1174948 Dec  9 16:22 Sentinel System 
Driver 5.41.0 (32-bit).msi
-rw-rw-r--    1 dclark   dclark        953 Dec  9 16:22 Setup.INI
-rw-rw-r--    1 dclark   dclark        190 Dec  9 16:22 _ISMSIDEL.INI

The 1145 repetitions of ReadFile/WriteFile are creating the 
Sentinal*.msi file, and it is created correctly.

So that particular problem should be able to be debugged pretty easily. 
As a wild guess, I would not be surprised if having things like 
parentheses in a filename caused problems for Wine. I'll take a look at 
it over the next few days. Unfortunately, I am not so hopeful about 
getting Sentinel to work, but hopefully some other folks will comment on 
that. My Sentinel device is a parallel port key.

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