Wine Install Question - "Registry install failed."

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   Thanks very much for the reply. I think this will get me moving forward.
I ask for a bit more guidance below. FYI - My main interest in this new
release is to try out some of my Windows based audio program with Wine's new
Jack support.


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You are doing a no windows install. and that portion of wineinstall
still needs more work.

The first problem is the registry one,  that is; for whatever reason
wineinstall kind of expects that the wine tree is in the users home
directory. (at least it works when it located there) This is wrong and
we should not expect the wine tree to be in one predefined spot.

[MWK] Two questions:

1) It is not clear to me how the installation of Wine is supposed to proceed
after I have built it. Should I copy some portion of the wine directory
(like ./tools/*) to each user's home directory, and then run

2) All of my machines are dual-boot and do have Windows (mostly Win ME) on
them, and I have fstab entries to facilitate moving over data for Wine and
other apps (pro audio stuff in my case) but they were not mounted when I ran
wineinstall. Is it the general opinion that I'll get better results under
Wine by mounting them and letting Wineinstall find that stuff? (If so, I'm
no super user, so how should I mount the drives for maximum safety?) ((Also,
I do NOT want to share data directories right now between the two
environments for safety reasons, until I get more comfortable.))

The second problem is that the floppy and cdrom are not configured
properly (or the defaults are not correct for RedHat ).

Anyway neither of these bug is too big a problem to get around. The
solution is  for the drives is to edit the [drives] section of the
~/.wine/config file so that the flopp points to /mnt/floppy instead of
/mnt/fd0 and the CD points to /mnt/cdrom instead of /cdrom

The work around for setting up the registry is to define a drive (I use
x) where the wine root is located so and run "regedit winedefault.reg"
in the wine root. Once again I stess that this is a workaround and not a
proper fix.

[MWK] Question - Is your X drive where the Wine source code is? Or where a
Wine directory holding the source code is? I presume the later.



Also, running regedit windedefault.reg is after I have run
./tools/wineinstall, correct?


In the end your drives section should look like this.

[Drive A]
"Path" = "/mnt/floppy"
"Type" = "floppy"
"Label" = "Floppy"
"Filesystem" = "win95"
"Serial" = "87654321"
"Device" = "/dev/fd0"

[Drive C]
"Path" = "/home/mark/c"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "MS-DOS"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive D]
"Path" = "/mnt/cdrom"
"Type" = "cdrom"
"Label" = "CD-Rom"
"Filesystem" = "win95"
; make sure that device is correct and has proper permissions !
"Device" = "/dev/cdrom"

[Drive E]
"Path" = "/tmp"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "Tmp Drive"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive F]
"Path" = "${HOME}"
"Type" = "network"
"Label" = "Home"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive X]
"Path" = "/source"
"Type" = "network"
"Label" = "localwine"
"Filesystem" = "win95"


Tony Lambregts

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