Changing FS type reported by Wine

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sun Dec 22 18:54:09 CST 2002

Stephen Mollett wrote:

>On Sunday 22 Dec 2002 19:28, Mark Knecht wrote:
>>Have you tried the file system type for the drive in the config file? I
>>don't know what all the options are, but there is an entry for
>Yes, I've tried setting it to 'unix' in case that made a difference. I've also 
>tried configuring the drives as 'network' drives rather than 'hd' drives, in 
>the hope that programs would see them as something other than FAT32 
Hum.. these are just labels in order to tell wine how to treat file 
names. 'unix' is not recomended since it is case sensitive. "win95" is 
basicly just case insensitive long file names and  "MSDOS" is case 
insensitive short file names. The thing is that none of these has 
anything to do with file size AFAIK.

 If the underlying filesystem has this limitation than there is no way 
that changing the setting in the config file will/should make it behave 
any different. Linux does not behave well with NTFS. but there is no 
such limitation on file size with native linux partitions.

If you are trying to save to a linux partition what are the error 
messages that you are getting?


Tony Lambregts

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