Changing FS type reported by Wine

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Dec 23 11:42:35 CST 2002

Stephen Mollett wrote:
> I'm using ReiserFS. I've also tried on a 40GB ext3 filesystem on a spare 
> drive. The error comes from VirtualDub, which believes that it's running on a 
> FAT32 filesystem (obviously that's what Wine reports to any program that asks 
> what FS type a drive is). I've tried working around it by using vdub's 
> 'segmented AVI' feature (which creates multiple AVIs <= 2GB) but I can't use 
> these successfully under Linux.

In the file wine/files/drive.c, in the function GetVolumeInformationW() 
(down around line 1965), is this:

     if (fsname && fsname_len)
     	/* Diablo checks that return code ... */
         if (DOSDrives[drive].type == DRIVE_CDROM)
             static const WCHAR cdfsW[] = {'C','D','F','S',0};
             strncpyW( fsname, cdfsW, fsname_len );
             static const WCHAR fatW[] = {'F','A','T',0};
             strncpyW( fsname, fatW, fsname_len );
         fsname[fsname_len - 1] = 0; /* ensure 0 termination */

That appears to hardcode the filesystem "name" to FAT. You might try 
changing that to NTFS. That assumes that this is the call your app is 
using to determine filesystem type.

I assume you have already determined that ReiserFS supports files larger 
than 2GB?

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